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Wine Glass Comparison Tasting

Many wine lovers have now come to realize the difference the right glass makes when appreciating a great wine. The shape and design of a wine glass can be a huge influence on a wine’s flavor and enjoyment. No crystal manufacturer has had a bigger impact on stressing the importance of the proper stemware than Riedel.

This unique and fascinating wine tasting will demonstrate the relationship between the shape of a glass and our perception and enjoyment of wines. Come and join us for this mind-blowing experience that will change your wine experience forever! For the next scheduled wine comparison tasting check out our Events Calendar.

Wine Glass Comparison

The price is $20 per person and each person will receive three different wines to be compared in different glasses specifically designed for each varietal. Chocolate will be provided to demonstrate the effects the glasses make on paired foods as well. Space is limited so call us at (518) 641-1731 or email us at info@halfmooncellars.com to reserve your spot.

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