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What is the boat on the Halfmoon Cellars label?

The boat on the Halfmoon Cellars wine label is none other than the Halfmoon. It’s where Halfmoon Cellars Winery gets its name. Halfmoon is English for Halve Maen which was the official dutch name for the ship that sailed for the Dutch East India Company. In 1609 the ship sailed to what is known today as Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Cape Cod, New York City, and up the Hudson River as far as Albany in an effort to find a prospective Northwest Passage to China.

Most people are more familiar with Henry Hudson, an Englishman who was captain of the Halfmoon. He is largely credited with European discovery of the upstate New York area, kicking off the state’s Dutch roots. Many New York towns, rivers, and landmarks are named for him, including the Hudson River, the town of Hudson, and for his ship the town of Halfmoon where Halfmoon Cellars vintner John Reyes lives. Although the estuary of the Hudson River was discovered (as far as Europe was concerned) 85 years before Hudson got there, he and his crew sailed up it in hopes that they had found the passage they were looking for. Another namesake of Henry Hudson is the Hudson Bay in Canada. On a separate voyage in 1611 the crew of the Discovery, a new ship, mutinied and set Henry Hudson, his son and seven other crew members adrift in Hudson Bay. The final resting place of Henry Hudson is not known.

In 1909 the Kingdom of the Netherlands presented the United States with a replica of the original Halfmoon to commemorate the 300 year anniversary of the ship’s visit to the area. Unfortunately this replica was destroyed in a fire in 1934. Eighty years later the New Netherland Museum commissioned a third replica and it still sails the Hudson River today. The ship is crewed by volunteers and students and can be toured and sailed on by visitors. For more information please visit their website at here. The ship is quite stunning and we highly recommend you check it out if you have the opportunity. We also recommend you bring a bottle of Halfmoon Cellars Wine with you to celebrate the occasion.
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