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Chilling Wine


Why Are There Crystals in My Chilled Wine?

If you see crystals that look like sugar in your chilled wine or on your bottle there is no need to be worried, they are completely harmless. In fact, many people consider them to be a sign of a high quality wine as it indicates that the wine has not had excessive processing. For more information of what these “wine diamonds” are and where they come from please see this excellent explanation by Master Sommelier Ronn Wiegand of Jordan Winery.
Wine Tartrates FAQ

What Wines Should Be Chilled?

Most people traditionally chill their white wines. However it is also optimal to serve red wines below room temperature as well. It may not involve putting the bottle in a bucket of ice, storing your wine in a cool place might be enough to do the trick.

The Right Temperature

This is a quick guide to serving temperatures for wines. They are by no means set in stone so feel free to experiment with different temperatures.

White Wines and Sparkling White Wines
Temperature: 45-50 degrees F
Time in Ice Bucket with Water: 6-10 minutes
Time in Refrigerator: 2-2.5 hours
Time in Freeze: 20-25 minutes

Red Wines
Temperature: 65-68 degrees F
Time in Ice Bucket with Water: 3 minutes
Time in Refrigerator: 40 minutes
Time in Freeze: 6 minutes

Sweet Wines
Temperature: 40 degrees F
Time in Ice Bucket with Water: 11 minutes
Time in Refrigerator: 4 hours
Time in Freeze: 30 minutes

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